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Let everyone study what is hydraulic excavator quick coupler?

September 25, 2021

Latest company news about Let everyone study what is hydraulic excavator quick coupler?

Excavator quick coupler connection device, also called quick-change, quick coupling, can quickly install and switch various configuration attachments (bucket, ripper, breaker, hydraulic shear, etc.) on the excavator, and expand the scope of use of the excavator. And save time, reduce labor intensity, and improve the efficiency of the excavator. It can be divided into two types: hydraulic quick change and mechanical quick change. This time we recommend an explosive hydraulic excavator quick coupler.


excavator quick coupler


The whole frame

The excavator quick coupler cylinder is expanded and contracted by the pilot oil of the excavator, thereby rotating the grapple hook to realize the connection and disassembly of the shaft. The tiger's mouth is fixed by the safety shaft, which plays the role of double insurance; the use of high-strength manganese steel and structural integrated mechanical design, durable.


excavator quick coupler



An electric switch is installed in the cab to facilitate the operation of the driver.


excavator quick coupler


Check valve

Each oil cylinder is equipped with a hydraulic control check valve and a mechanical locking safety device to ensure that the quick connector can work normally when the oil circuit and the circuit are cut off.


excavator quick coupler

Safety pin

Each quick connector is equipped with a safety pin protection system to ensure that the excavator quick coupler quick connector can work normally in the event of a failure of the quick connector cylinder and play a "double insurance" role.

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