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Long reach front manufacturers participate in bridge construction

December 3, 2021

Latest company news about Long reach front manufacturers participate in bridge construction

The construction of the bridge is a great project. It crosses a dear "Mother River" and it is truly spectacular. I did not expect that at the construction site of the repair and processing of the Old Yellow River Bridge on the Hekou National Road, the excavator extension arm manufacturer was actually there, although The weather is hot, and the workers are still very energetic. The sound of machines and chants on the scene are one after another, in an orderly manner. As a key investment and construction project this year, this construction has attracted the attention of villagers. It is not only the issue of spring irrigation of farmland, but also Improving regional transportation and travel conditions is a huge help. This is what the villagers expect, and it is what Huitong Heavy Industry long reach front manufacturers expects.


long reach front manufacturers


The repair and reinforcement project of the old bridge of the Yellow River is progressing smoothly and orderly. It is understood that this section of the bridge is the main channel for external communication and the main road. Due to the long construction period, the traffic capacity is gradually reduced, so the long reach front manufacturers Helping villagers expand the flow of water in the river channel is very helpful to irrigation of farmland. It can also dig the silt underneath to dredge, which is of great significance to the regional ecological environment. Many villagers will inadvertently smile upon their faces after knowing the news. .



After the project is completed, further improvements will be made. The layout of the regional road network will be gradually optimized and the traffic capacity of bridges will be improved. This can effectively improve the conditions for the emergence of villagers. After the official passage, it can also promote the rapid regional economy of the estuary and surrounding areas. For development, long reach front manufacturers are not only building bridges for the purpose of building bridges, but not only to facilitate the passage of villagers, but also have important significance to the development of our country. This is a good project that benefits the country and the people.

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