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Maintenance and maintenance of caterpillar excavator bucket

May 10, 2022

Latest company news about Maintenance and maintenance of caterpillar excavator bucket

The caterpillar excavator bucket is an important part of the working device of the excavator. Except for some specific work occasions, the caterpillar excavator bucket is the most commonly used accessory of the excavator. However, compared to the main components of the excavator, such as the engine and hydraulic system, the simple structure of the excavator bucket often does not get too much attention from the users, so does the bucket really need no maintenance? The answer is naturally NO.


caterpillar excavator bucket


Suitable for different excavator buckets to make the work even more powerful

Perhaps seeing this, you will feel that the digging bucket is just a simple working device, and there is no desire to watch it anymore. Then, you are wrong. The caterpillar excavator bucket is indeed the most common terminal working device among all the accessories of the excavator, but it can be divided into dozens of different types according to different materials and functions. In daily work, The correct selection of different types of buckets can achieve ideal results in terms of construction efficiency and cost control. For example, excavators who have dug trenches know that it is easier to dig trenches with a V-shaped bucket than the standard bucket on the excavator.


caterpillar excavator bucket


Proper maintenance of the excavator bucket can increase the annual gross profit by 15%.

As the saying goes: "Workers must first sharpen their tools if they want to do well!" Not to mention that for different working conditions, there are dozens of different types of buckets for you to choose from, just maintain your existing buckets can increase construction efficiency and control construction costs, do you believe it?

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