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Operational problems that need to be paid attention to in volvo excavator bucket

April 27, 2022

Latest company news about Operational problems that need to be paid attention to in volvo excavator bucket

Excavators are an indispensable mechanical equipment in many current construction projects and earthwork projects. With the increasing demand for use, the volvo excavator bucket production industry is now in a stage of rapid development. As we all know, the function of the excavator mainly depends on the normal use of the bucket. If there is a problem with the bucket, it will directly cause the excavator to not operate normally. Therefore, there are many problems in the use of the bucket that require everyone to pay attention to. Next, Huitong will give you a detailed introduction to the operations that need to be paid attention to in the use of volvo excavator bucket.


volvo excavator bucket


1. When the excavator is operating at a high place, even if the bucket teeth are not inserted into the soil, it cannot be rotated, because the bucket teeth can easily hit hard rocks, which will not only cause damage to the volvo excavator bucket teeth, but also work The device has an impact.

2. If the bucket is used to pry the animal body for excavation, the volvo excavator bucket and the forearm should be excavated together. When a large stress is generated, the hydraulic system can automatically adjust the use force to a suitable range.


volvo excavator bucket


3. The operation of using the collision force of the side wall of the volvo excavator bucket to move objects or the turning force to move large objects is also strictly prohibited, because when the bucket and rocks collide, the bucket, boom, and working devices will produce a large amount of damage. Load seriously affects the service life of the excavator.

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