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Precautions for installation and use of hydraulic breaker

February 10, 2023

Latest company news about Precautions for installation and use of hydraulic breaker

The hydraulic breaker is a commonly used attachment for excavators, but because different attachments or buckets need to be replaced under different working conditions, the entire operation is very time-consuming. Many people have various problems when changing. So how to replace the installation is the right one?

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Installation and disassembly of hydraulic breaker:

The bucket and the hydraulic breaker work alternately. During the replacement process, since the hydraulic pipeline is easily contaminated, it should be disassembled and installed as follows. the

  1. Move the excavator to a flat site without mud, dust and debris, turn off the engine, and release the pressure in the hydraulic pipeline and the gas in the fuel tank.
  2. Turn the cut-off valve installed at the end of the boom 90 degrees to the OFF position to prevent hydraulic oil from flowing out.
  3. Loosen the plug of the hose on the arm of the hydraulic breaker, and then put a small amount of hydraulic oil flowing out into a container.
  4. To prevent mud and dust from entering the oil pipeline, the hose should be blocked with a plug, and the pipe should be blocked with an internal thread plug. In order to prevent dust pollution, the high-pressure pipe and low-pressure pipe should be tied with iron wire.

–Hose plug When the equipment is used for bucket operation, the plug is to prevent the mud and dust on the hydraulic breaker from entering the hose.

–Internal threaded plug The internal threaded plug is used to prevent the dirt or dust adhering to the equipment host from entering the oil pipe.

  1. If you want to disassemble the hydraulic breaker, you must first remove the pin shaft connected to the stick; if you store the breaker outdoors, you should put it on a sleeper and cover it with a thin cloth.
  2. If the hammer is not used for a long time, please keep it as follows

1) Clean the outside of the breaker; 2) Remove the steel drill from the shell and apply anti-corrosion oil; 3) Before pushing the piston to the nitrogen chamber, the nitrogen gas in the nitrogen chamber must be released; 4) Restart When assembling, all parts on the breaker should be coated with lubricating oil before assembly.

  1. If you need to install the breaker, the process is reverse to the disassembly sequence mentioned above. If bucket operation is carried out, the hose and the end of the pipeline will be easily contaminated, and the contaminated part should be cleaned immediately (please use hydraulic oil or diesel oil for cleaning)


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Inspection items of hydraulic breaker:

Whether the bolts and nuts are loose, damaged or falling off Whole body bolts, splint bolts, accumulator bolts, hose joints are loose, damaged, and have oil leakage hydraulic breaker hydraulic pipelines, hydraulic oil hoses, whether there is abnormal leakage The connection surface between the oil and nitrogen chamber and the cylinder block, clean the joint between the front cylinder block and the steel brazing, check whether the steel brazing has abnormal wear and cracks, and use a manual grease gun after the lubricating oil starts to work and every 2-3 hours butter

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