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Precautions for the use of excavator hydraulic hammer

October 19, 2021

Latest company news about Precautions for the use of excavator hydraulic hammer

19 Misunderstandings in the Operation of Excavator Hydraulic Hammer

In order to better use the breaker equipment and prolong the service life of the main equipment, please study carefully.


excavator hydraulic hammer


1. First, read the operation and maintenance manual of the excavator hydraulic hammer carefully to prevent damage to the hydraulic breaker and the excavator, and operate them effectively.

2. Before operation, check whether the bolts and connections are loose, and whether there is leakage in the hydraulic pipeline, so as to avoid the tubing and other components from falling off due to vibration and causing failure. 

3. When crushing particularly hard or large objects, start from the edge first, and do not continuously strike at the same point for more than 1 min to prevent the hardness of the drill rod head from declining and deforming and the hydraulic oil from overheating.

4. Do not work when the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder is fully extended or fully retracted, otherwise the shock and vibration will be transmitted to the hydraulic cylinder and thus to the host.

5. When the hydraulic hose vibrates violently, stop the operation of the crusher and check the pressure of the accumulator.


excavator hydraulic hammer


6. Do not carry out crushing operations in water or muddy ground. Except for drill rods, other parts of the excavator hydraulic hammer body should not be immersed in water or mud, otherwise the cylinder, piston and other parts will be broken due to accumulation of mud stains. Hammer damage or even scrap.

7. Do not use the breaking hammer as a lifting device.

8. Do not operate the excavator hydraulic hammer on the crawler or tire side of the excavator.

9. When the excavator hydraulic hammer is installed and connected with excavators, loaders or other construction machinery, the working pressure and flow rate of the hydraulic system of the main machine must meet the technical parameter requirements of the hydraulic breaker. The "IN" port of the hydraulic breaker is connected with the main engine high-pressure oil. Connection, the "OUT" port is connected to the return line of the main engine.

10. The best hydraulic oil temperature when the excavator hydraulic hammer is working is 50-60 degrees Celsius, and the maximum should not exceed 80 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, the oil seal inside the cylinder will be damaged and the piston of the cylinder will be strained.


excavator hydraulic hammer


11. The working medium used by the excavator hydraulic hammer can usually be the same as the oil used in the main engine's hydraulic system. It is recommended to use YB-N46 or YB-N68 anti-wear hydraulic oil in general areas, and YC-N46 or YC-N68 low-temperature hydraulic oil in cold areas. The filtration accuracy of hydraulic oil is not less than 50μm.

12. The new or repaired excavator hydraulic hammer must be refilled with nitrogen when it is activated, and the nitrogen value should be adjusted appropriately according to the climate environment and working conditions

13. Calcium-based grease or compound calcium-based grease must be used for lubrication between the tail of the drill rod and the cylinder body and the outer jacket, and fill it every 2 hours, and it is sufficient to lubricate each time.

14. It is forbidden to use the excavator hydraulic hammer drill rod as a crowbar to avoid breaking the drill rod. Do not use the guard plate of the breaker as a tool to push heavy objects. If it is used to push heavy objects, it will damage the breaker at a slight level, and cause the main machine boom to break, or even a main machine overturn accident.  

15. When using the excavator hydraulic hammer, the drill rod should be perpendicular to the working surface, and the principle of not generating radial force.


excavator hydraulic hammer


16. When the hydraulic breaker is working, the drill rod must be pressed on the rock first, and the breaker must be operated after maintaining a certain pressure. It is forbidden to start in the suspended state.

17. When performing crushing operations, do not use the drill rod by shaking, otherwise the main bolt and drill rod may be broken; do not drop the breaker quickly or hit hard stones, which will cause excessive impact. Damage to the breaker or host.

18. When the broken object has broken, the blow of the breaking hammer should be stopped immediately to avoid "empty strike". Continuous and aimless blows will cause damage to the precursor of the breaker and loose or short cracks in the main body bolts, which can damage the host itself in severe cases.

19. If the excavator hydraulic hammer is to be stopped for a long time, the nitrogen gas of the rear cylinder should be exhausted, the piston should be pushed into the cylinder, the oil inlet and outlet should be sealed, the rain cloth should be covered, and the surrounding of the hammer should be kept dry.

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