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Precautions for winter excavator piling boom before operation

March 28, 2023

Latest company news about Precautions for winter excavator piling boom before operation

Time flies, time flies, less than a month will usher in the new year, the weather is getting colder and colder, cold weather is easy to catch a cold, especially in the case of the epidemic, many people have fallen ill, People who have good immunity and pay attention to keeping warm will not be recruited. In fact, not only people should pay attention to keeping warm to improve immunity, but construction machinery should also pay attention to keeping warm and maintaining it in winter, especially large machinery such as excavator piling boom.



Excavator piling boom inspection before work

For example, the excavator piling boom must be warmed up before operating in winter. The engine should run at a low speed for about 5 minutes before the operation. Whether the indicator light is off, whether the sound of the engine and the color of the exhaust gas are normal, and whether there is any abnormality in each part of the machine. After the engine is warmed up, the hydraulic system should also be preheated by operating the excavator to perform various slow movements at the front and walking to prevent the hydraulic oil temperature from being too low, and rapid operation may cause damage to the hydraulic device.



In addition, during the operation of the excavator piling boom, the heat preservatio n of the engine is also very important. The engine must be kept at 80-90°C to make the engine run normally. Therefore, an adjustable radiator can be installed on the engine if conditions permit. Insulate curtains and use shutters to block drafts. Batteries are also prone to frostbite at low temperatures, so wooden insulation boxes or interlayer boxes should be used to protect the batteries. If conditions permit, it is best to move the batteries to a warm room when storing the excavator piling boom in winter. Special care should be taken in the antifreeze protection of excavators in the cold winter. You must know that although they are all steel beasts, they are not “invulnerable to cold and heat”.

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