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Product show—excavator manual quick hitch

November 3, 2021

Latest company news about Product show—excavator manual quick hitch

Excavator manual quick hitch are also called quick-change connectors and quick connectors. The quick connector can quickly install and switch various configuration parts (bucket, ripper, breaker, hydraulic shear, etc.) on the excavator, which can expand the scope of use of the excavator, save time and improve work efficiency.


excavator manual quick hitch


Features of excavator manual quick hitch:

1. Use high-strength materials; suitable for various models of 3-80 tons;

2. Use the safety device of hydraulic control check valve to ensure safety;

3. The configuration parts of the excavator do not need to be modified, and can be replaced without disassembling the pin, so the installation is quick and the work efficiency can be greatly improved.

4. There is no need to manually smash the bucket pin between the breaker and the bucket, and the switch can be exchanged between the bucket and the breaker by gently moving the switch for ten seconds, which saves time, effort, and simplicity.

5. It is mainly used in the workplace where the front-end working device of the excavator needs to be frequently replaced. When using a device for a long time, try not to install it.


excavator manual quick hitch


Product features Fully automatic safety system

A switch is installed in the cab, and the safety pin can be installed by simply pressing the switch button in the cab. Therefore, the trouble of getting out of the cab is saved. The new technology of opening and closing the safety pin is realized by using the electric drive system of the excavator, not by the hydraulic system. Therefore, high-cost oil pressure is replaced by electricity, which saves costs in production. In the cab, the horn can be automatically sounded to determine whether it has been connected, and in the case of a broken wire, the maximum safety of manual conversion can be ensured.


excavator manual quick hitch


Function integrated design

The frame structure of the excavator manual quick hitch itself is not the general welding assembly type, but the integration of processing, that is, there is no need to weld between the middle body and the chassis, which ensures the even distribution of pressure points. Therefore, this structure is in terms of robustness and durability. It is ten times stronger than the general weldability connector. Completely solve the most worrying shell welding cracks and damage in large equipment.


excavator manual quick hitch


Diversity and versatility

The diversity of excavator manual quick hitch design ensures that the same connector can be used on multiple brands of excavators of the same tonnage. At the same time, the versatility of the connector also ensures a wide range of connections including grabs, rippers, etc., especially It is good at connecting poor equipment, such as breaker, rock crusher, hydraulic shears, etc.

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