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Rock Ripper Arm manufacturers advise you not to use inferior diesel

August 30, 2021

Latest company news about Rock Ripper Arm manufacturers advise you not to use inferior diesel

Nowadays, oil prices are slowly rising. From the beginning of this year, world oil prices have bid farewell to the era of US$50 per barrel and ushered in the era of US$60 per barrel. So what should we do in the face of expensive oil prices? Especially in the machinery industry, the fuel cost of refueling such as water is a lot of money. Then I believe that many consumers will want to find some cheap diesel instead, which is what we call "private oil", rock ripper arm manufacturers tells you never to use inferior diesel.


rock ripper arm manufacturers


Why can its diesel fuel be so cheap? Of course it is impure, even mixed with a lot of impurities, then it has a great impact on our excavator engine, and the progress of the project is an iron order for the excavator, especially for large mines and other special In the construction environment, all the machines are in a step-by-step and intensive construction. If a machine breaks down suddenly, it is a headache for everyone. Therefore, many machine owners are in order to maintain high efficiency in the construction of the machine, and do not delay, and they are usually overhauled and maintained. The rock ripper arm manufacturers feels that if you choose low-quality diesel, can you still work if the engine has a problem? Can the progress of the project be guaranteed?


rock ripper arm manufacturers


If the fuel filter element of the engine is damaged, it’s okay to replace it. If it affects the overhaul of the engine, it will be miserable. Not only do you have to stop work, but also spend expensive repairs. Today’s EFI excavators are environmentally friendly. Up to the standard, but the quality requirements for fuel are too high! Slightly rough maintenance, add inferior fuel, and immediately come to the door for trouble! Therefore, rock ripper arm manufacturers feel that inferior oil products must not be touched.

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