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Selection and Application of rock hammer chisel

March 27, 2023

Latest company news about Selection and Application of rock hammer chisel

Machining process of rock hammer chisel: After the round steel is broken, it is first heat-treated and annealed with nodular ink, and then CNC lathes and CNC milling machines are preferred. Companies with strict data control also use ordinary cars for production. Then there is the heat treatment step, salt bath furnace is preferred, but due to the strict control of salt bath furnace, most enterprises mainly use well type carburizing furnace, the quenching liquid is preferably imported quenching liquid, and the final process is shot blasting and coating ,Package.



The heat treatment process of the rock hammer chisel is optimized by overall quenching and segmental tempering. The HRC hardness value of the impact part of the breaker drill rod is 56-58, and the HRC value of the piston impact part is 45-48. Claims for drill rods: drill rods are vulnerable products, and the long-term operating medium is ore, roadbed, concrete, ships, slag, etc. Therefore, the tip of the drill rod will be worn during the working process. If the daily maintenance does not pay attention to the renewal of the inner jacket and the filling of butter, it is easy to cause the drill tail to break, so the claim identification is also a cumbersome process.


Rock hammer chisel Selection Guide

  1. Slotted steel drill: suitable for excavation and trenching of various soft and neutral layered rocks.
  2. Cross-head steel drill: suitable for crushing fine-grained and neutral concrete and soft non-layered rock.
  3. Flat-headed steel drill: It is suitable for crushing medium-hard stones or broken small stones to make them smaller.



Rock hammer chisel replacement

  1. First remove the stop pin and the 330mm long steel brazing pin. When reinstalling, put the steel brazing pin upright and insert the steel brazing pin.
  2. When reinstalling the steel drill, proceed in the reverse order of disassembly, first check whether the parts are worn or broken.
  3. If the steel drill is deformed, it should be polished and repaired, and then the steel drill pin and the steel drill active parts should be coated with lubricating oil, and then the steel drill should be installed; if the steel drill pin is seriously deformed, it will bring trouble to the replacement steel drill Difficult, so every 100-150 hours of work, it should be checked!


Direction of rock hammer chisel

The direction of the rock hammer chisel and the forearm should be consistent, and the steel chisel and the rock surface should be as vertical as possible. If the steel rod is not perpendicular to the rock surface, the steel rod may slip while working. When crushing, first adjust the steel drill completely, and then select the impact point of the rock under stable conditions to perform the impact operation.



Precautions during operation

  1. Using proper downward force can improve the efficiency of the breaker.
  2. Adjust the position of the breaking hammer – when the impact operation of the breaking hammer cannot break the rock, it should be moved to a new working position.
  3. The crushing operation must not be continued at the same position. If the operation is continued at the same position, the temperature of the steel brazing will rise, reduce its hardness, and cause the lower end of the steel brazing to roll upwards, thereby reducing operating efficiency.
  4. Do not use the rockhammer chisel as a lever.
  5. In the case of underwater installation, it is forbidden to work in water! Do not submerge any part of the hydraulic breaker into the water before the underwater operation equipment is allocated; when using the breaker in water, it is necessary to configure underwater equipment and an air compressor capable of producing 6000LPM/150PSL; Note: In the absence of water equipment and air Working in water with the press in place can cause internal damage to the breaker.
  6. Before leaving the equipment, lower the forearm to confirm whether the equipment is in a safe state; when the engine is running, it is forbidden to leave, and all brakes and locking devices on the equipment must be used effectively.
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