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Summary of Excavator Bucket 1

April 13, 2022

Latest company news about Summary of Excavator Bucket 1

As one of the most favored equipment in the construction machinery industry, excavators are widely used in various occasions such as mining, water conservancy, and urban construction. Users in the industry know that excavators will choose different tooling accessories when operating in different occasions. Common accessories such as buckets, breakers, rippers, hydraulic clamps, etc., only by selecting the right accessories, can we obtain high-speed and effective working capabilities for various working conditions. But maybe you don’t know that for various working conditions, there are more than ten types of excavator buckets alone, each of which has its own advantages. Here are the nine most common ones. Excavator buckets, owning them will definitely make your equipment even more powerful!


1. Excavator General Purpose Bucket

The general purpose bucket is a standard bucket that is relatively common in small and medium-sized excavators. It uses a standard plate thickness, and there is no obvious reinforcement process on the bucket body. The characteristics are: the bucket has a larger capacity, a larger mouth area, and a larger stacking surface, so it has a higher filling factor, high work efficiency, and low production cost. It is suitable for lighter working environments such as the excavation of general clay and the loading of sand, soil, and gravel. It is also called earthmoving bucket. The disadvantage is: due to the small thickness of the plate, the lack of reinforcement technology, such as the reinforcement plate, and the anti-wear plate, the service life is relatively low.


Excavator General Purpose Bucket


2. Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket

The heavy duty bucket is a bucket that uses high-strength wear-resistant steel materials to reinforce the high-stress and easy-to-wear parts on the original basis of the standard bucket. It not only inherits all the advantages of the standard bucket, but also greatly improves the strength and resistance. Abrasiveness, and the service life is greatly prolonged. It is suitable for heavy-duty operations such as excavation of hard soil, softer rocks, gravel, gravel loading and so on.


Excavator Heavy Duty Bucket


3. Excavator Severe Duty bucket

The severe duty bucket adopts thicker plates as a whole, adding reinforcement plates at the bottom, adding side guards, installing protective plates, and high-strength bucket tooth seats, suitable for loading rocks, sub-hard rocks, weathered rocks, hard rocks, blasting ore, etc. Heavy operating environment. It is widely used in harsh working conditions such as ore mining.


Excavator Severe Duty bucket


4. Excavator Ditching Bucket

The ditching bucket is also known as the dredging bucket. It has no teeth and has a large width. The very bucket is suitable for surface trimming of slopes with large capacity, and dredging of rivers and ditches.

Excavator Ditching Bucket

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