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Summary of Excavator Bucket 2

April 14, 2022

Latest company news about Summary of Excavator Bucket 2

5.Excavator Tilt Bucket

With all the characteristics of a tilt bucket, the tilting bucket can also be controlled to rotate the bucket through the action of an oil cylinder. The maximum tilt angle is 45 degrees. It can be operated without changing the position of the excavator, and can easily complete precise operations that ordinary buckets cannot. It is suitable for cleaning slopes, rectification and rest, and dredging of river courses and ditches. Not suitable for heavy operation environments such as excavation of hard soil and rocky soil.


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6.Excavator Trapezoidal Bucket

Trapezoidal buckets of excavators come in various sizes, widths and shapes, such as triangles or trapezoids. It is suitable for water conservancy, highway, agriculture and pipeline ditching operations. The characteristic is that it can be formed at one time and the work efficiency is very high.


Trapezoidal Bucket


7. Excavators Ripper Bucket

The excavator ripper bucket is equipped with high-strength loosening teeth on the bucket to achieve greater digging strength, and the loosening is completed at one time. It is suitable for the crushing, excavation and loading of hard soil, sub-hard rock and weathered rock. The disadvantage is that the bucket capacity is relatively small.


Ripper Bucket


8. Excavator Clamshell Bucket

The working principle of the clamshell bucket is to drive the shell body to open and merge to grab the material through the expansion and contraction of the oil cylinder, thereby completing the operation. It is suitable for foundation pit excavation, deep pit excavation and unloading and loading of loose materials such as coal and sand, etc., especially for excavation or loading operations in some restricted spaces. The disadvantage is that the digging force is weak, and it is not suitable for some hard ground. It can only grab loose materials.


Excavator Clamshell Bucket


9. Excavators Four-in-One Bucket

The four-in-one bucket can realize the functions of loading, leveling, clamping and other operations during the working process, and has all the functions of buckets such as mud buckets, rotating buckets, and earthmoving buckets. In addition, the hydraulic cylinder can be used for automatic unloading without a tipping bucket, which is convenient and quick. The disadvantage is that it is not suitable for heavier working environments such as trenching and trenching, and it is partial to technical flow.


Excavators Four-in-One Bucket


These nine excavator buckets are widely used in actual work. As the saying goes, the Eight Immortals have their own magical powers. Each bucket introduced here also has its own magical powers. Choosing the right bucket will not only help you work. To get twice the result with half the effort, and to achieve the most ideal homework effect, really kills two birds with one stone.

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