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Technological innovation has made a big change in the excavator ripper arm

May 18, 2022

Latest company news about Technological innovation has made a big change in the excavator ripper arm

With the continuous development and innovation of technology, large-scale mechanical products such as industrial equipment are also constantly upgraded. Take the excavator ripper arm as a special attachment for excavators. It is also weathered stone, shale, and red sand. Sharp tools such as rock excavation and crushing have the advantages of high efficiency and low loss compared with traditional breaking hammer operations. Compared with traditional blasting operations, they are more efficient, and have low crushing costs and lower maintenance costs. From blasting operations to rock boom operations , This is the advancement of technology, and it is also a major transformation of the excavator ripper arm.


excavator ripper arm


From the structural point of view, the rock boom increases the weight of the excavator's boom and forearm, and adjusts the proportions of each part to make the boom's own weight heavier, so the pressure on the work is more sufficient, so the broken The ability is better, and a powerful large hydraulic cylinder is attached. The power is lever and welded with high-strength steel plate, which completely solves the problem that the rock arm cannot be dug deep and is easy to break, and the excavator ripper boom There are many advantages in the upgrading and transformation of the dipper, such as connecting the tubing of the bucket cylinder to the stick cylinder, which greatly improves the strength and speed of the stick cylinder, and reduces the failure rate.


excavator ripper boom


In terms of the working principle of the equipment, the excavator ripper boom increases the destructive force of the ripper by increasing the dead weight of the large and small arms. Simply put, the heavier the weight is to be able to hold it down. The working efficiency of the excavator ripper boom on the same hardness is indeed very strong. Therefore, it can still be seen busy in many mining conditions. From the aspect of work efficiency, its ability is obvious to all, and the faster the efficiency, the higher our economic benefits. For increasing industry profits, Changing the way of working is of great significance.

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