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The role of ripper boom in the construction of subway station

March 31, 2022

Latest company news about The role of ripper boom in the construction of subway station

The modification of excavator such as ripper boom seems to be unfamiliar to most people. What we need to know is that under different scenarios, an excavator equipment often has many variants, such as crawler type and four-wheeled excavator. For example, the excavator arm can be converted into an extended arm and a rock arm. Today Huitong Heavy Industry will take you to understand the role of the excavator ripper boom in the construction of subway stations.


ripper boom


Many countries are now popularizing subways, but we may not really know about subway construction, and generally such large-scale projects are fence operations, so today we will take you to see how the ripper boom of excavators is constructed. Yes, the excavator rock arm is mainly used for digging mountains or digging rocks, such as typical subway construction. The excavator rock arm can not only help the excavation of the subway line, but also help the construction of the platform, thereby reducing the difficulty of construction, and even speeding up the excavation The progress of the project, because in terms of excavation, the ripper boom is an expert, no mechanical energy can dig it, and it also comes with the function of breaking rocks.


ripper boom


In addition to these common functions, secondly, the fuel economy is lower. Don’t think that the ripper boom will become larger and the fuel consumption will increase. After the rock arm is modified, the performance of the hydraulic device will be better due to the new technology. It is superior. In addition, the modified rock arm of the excavator can use its own length to reduce the number of excavator movements, making the excavation volume higher and more fuel-efficient. Third, the modification of the ripper boom makes the application range of excavators wider, which used to be limited to small projects. After the transformation, excavators can now be widely used in large and small projects.

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