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This kind of long reach front combines three functions in one

March 30, 2022

Latest company news about This kind of long reach front combines three functions in one

With the improvement of people's living standards, the requirements for the living environment are getting higher and higher, and the environment of buildings and residences directly affects people's quality of life. Therefore, people want to demolish old buildings and rebuild new buildings. In addition, outdated buildings not only affect people's quality of life, they are also prone to collapse, posing danger to people's lives. Then there is a problem. If the building is demolished using the traditional method, direct blasting, it will also cause danger to the people living around it, and it will be inconvenient for people’s daily travel; there will be changes when there is demand. Housing technology is also developing towards safety and reliability, and the frequently used method is to refit the long reach front of the excavator and remove it layer by layer from top to bottom.


long reach front


How to remove the long reach front of the excavator on the high floor? For example, if you want to demolish a 6-story building, you must first refit the excavator with a three-stage long reach front, and then use some mud or industrial waste to fill the bottom, so that the excavator's long reach front can be extended to reach the roof; On the premise of sufficient steering space, use the filler to stabilize the extension arm of the excavator; then open a hole in the wall to pile some broken building materials inside; after completion, the extension arm can be used to impact the pillars of the building, and then the building’s The beam fell inside, and the demolition was basically completed.


long reach front


Excavator long reach front modification can not only help people demolish buildings, but also play a role in the governance of rivers and lakes. If there is too much silt in the river and lake, it will cause the water flow to be blocked, making the entire river look turbid and unclear. If this continues for a long time, the river will smell bad and become a river that needs to be treated. The extended arm of the excavator can clean up the silt of these rivers and solve this problem, so that the rivers and lakes can be restored to the state of long flowing green water.


long reach front


In addition, some potholes that are usually seen beside the road can also be solved by using an excavator to modify the long reach front. At the same time, Huitong Heavy Industry will also add sufficient materials in the manufacture of extension arms to provide people with better quality extension arms. Of course, in addition to the three functions of demolition, dredging, and pit filling of the excavator's long reach front, the extended arm has many functions, and other functions need to be explored one by one.

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