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What are the applications of hydraulic vibratory hammer?

January 11, 2022

Latest company news about What are the applications of hydraulic vibratory hammer?

With the rapid development of the construction industry in recent years, pile foundations have gradually developed from wooden piles to reinforced concrete piles or steel piles. The foundation construction methods and construction machinery have also developed tremendously.

The principle of the hydraulic vibratory hammer technology is to generate up and down vibration through the relative movement of two eccentric gears to separate the affected object from the surrounding soil layer, reduce frictional resistance, and achieve the purpose of sinking and pulling. It has the characteristics of strong filling force, good pile sinking quality, sturdiness and durability, few failures, convenient use, strong power adaptability, and low noise. Hydraulic vibratory hammer is a kind of inertial vibration hammer, which can be widely used in different soils. Its main function is piling.


Hydraulic vibratory hammer


Application range of hydraulic vibratory hammer

The hydraulic vibratory hammer is a pile foundation construction machine used in construction projects and is used for the construction of concrete cast-in-place piles. After matching with the pile frame, it can sink concrete cast-in-place piles, concrete enlarged bottom piles (garlic-head piles), lime piles, sand piles, gravel piles; with pile clamps, it can sink and pull concrete precast piles and various steel piles . It is a common equipment for foundation construction of highways, bridges, airports, buildings, etc. In addition, the vibratory pile hammer can also be used for piling machines such as vibratory pipe sinking pile machines and plate inserting machines.


The composition of the hydraulic vibratory hammer

The hydraulic vibratory hammer includes a vibration absorber and a vibrator. The vibration absorber is composed of a lifting pulley, a beam, a vertical shaft and a vibration absorbing frame. The vibration absorbing frame is fixed on the upper part of the vibrator, and two vertical shafts are installed on each side of the vertical shaft. The compression spring is inserted into a group, and the beam is fixed on the upper part of the vertical shaft.


Hydraulic vibratory hammer


The vibrator is composed of a motor, a box body, an eccentric block, a driving shaft, a driven shaft, and a gear. The power is transmitted by the motor through a V-belt to the main and driven shafts meshed with a pair of cylindrical gears in the box. There are four eccentric blocks. The lifting pulley of the product can be replaced by a lifting ring. It also includes electrical devices, which are combined with the electrical part of the pile frame. The electrical device of the product can also be configured separately.

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