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What is digger hydraulic pulverizer

July 7, 2023

Latest company news about What is digger hydraulic pulverizer

The digger hydraulic pulverizer is composed of a pulverizer body, a hydraulic cylinder, a movable jaw and a fixed jaw. The pulverizer body is composed of teeth, blades, and ordinary teeth. It is installed on an excavator and belongs to excavator attachments.


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Hydraulic pulverizer are now widely used in the demolition industry. During the demolition process, it is installed on the excavator for use, so that only one operator of the excavator can operate it.


Versatility: The power comes from excavators of various brands and models, truly realizing the versatility and economy of the product;


Safety: construction personnel do not touch the construction, adapt to the requirements of safe construction in complex terrain;


Environmental protection: full hydraulic drive realizes low-noise operation, does not affect the surrounding environment during construction, and meets domestic quiet standards;


Low cost: simple and convenient operation, less staffing, reducing labor costs, machine maintenance and other construction costs;


Convenience: convenient transportation; convenient installation, just link the corresponding pipeline;


Long service life: the quality is reliable, and the staff strictly follow the operation instructions of Beiyi Machinery Manufacturer, so the service life is longer.


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Working principle:

Installed on the excavator and powered by the excavator, the movable jaw and the fixed jaw of the hydraulic pulverizer are opened and closed to achieve the effect of crushing concrete, and the steel bars in the concrete can be recycled and reused.


Operating procedures:

Connect the pin hole of the digger hydraulic pulverizer with the pin hole at the front end of the excavator;


Connect the pipeline on the excavator with the hydraulic pulverizer;


After the installation is completed, the operation of crushing concrete blocks can be carried out.


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What are the advantages of digger hydraulic pulverizer:

  1. Digger hydraulic pulverizercan greatly reduce manpower input, reduce costs, reduce risks, can make up for the shortcomings of other machines in some aspects, and can reduce construction noise and vibration in demolition engineering events. High precision can be ensured in demolition or stripping work;


  1. The installation principle of the digger hydraulic pulverizeris roughly the same as that of the hydraulic breaker. It needs to connect the pin hole of the hydraulic pulverizer to the pin hole at the front of the excavator, and then connect the pipeline on the excavator to the hydraulic pulverizer. After the installation is completed, the crushing operation can be carried out in this way;


  1. The design of the oil circuit of the hydraulic tongs should not only improve the working efficiency of the oil cylinder, but also facilitate disassembly and maintenance. The oil circuit of the hydraulic tongs can be used in common with the breaker, and can realize multiple functions of an excavator; Secondly, the key links such as the oil cylinder of the hydraulic tongs need to be equipped with protective devices to prevent the reinforced concrete from splashing on the oil cylinder or damaging the oil cylinder during work;


  1. The raw materials of digger hydraulic pulverizer have been thoroughly studied: high-hardness and light steel are used, and high-strength processing links: we have studied most buildings and summed up experience in construction operations. If the teeth of hydraulic pulverizerare made into shapes, this can Smash buildings and require strengthening of important parts.
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