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What is the reason for the weakness of excavator hydraulic breaker

October 18, 2021

Latest company news about What is the reason for the weakness of excavator hydraulic breaker

First of all, it is clear whether the attack is weak or the attack frequency is slow. The excavator hydraulic breaker blow force is mainly related to the nitrogen pressure, and the blow frequency is related to the flow rate. There are also other factors.


excavator hydraulic breaker


1.The standard value of nitrogen pressure at the rear of the excavator hydraulic breaker is 15~17bar. Don't be too busy saying it's normal, just take a meter to test it. If the value is lower than this value, the blow will be weak; if it is too high, the oil will be resisted, and the blow will be slow or not sound at all.

2. Check the inner bushing, outer bushing, flat pin, drill rod, it may be stuck after deformation or cracking, and it is difficult to strike.

3. The main function of the overflow valve is similar to the insurance in the circuit. If the adjustment is too large, it is equivalent to replacing the fuse with a copper wire, which cannot provide protection; if the adjustment is too small, it is equivalent to replacing a thin fuse, which cannot withstand the current burn. The performance is that either the pressure cannot be built up and the piston cannot be moved. Sound), or it overflows just after the piston is pushed up (weak). Generally, the overflow valve should not be adjusted if it is set. If frequent adjustments are required to maintain the overflow pressure at a normal value, disassemble and inspect the overflow valve to see if it is worn or drained, and check the spring to see if it is broken or aging and losing its elasticity.


excavator hydraulic breaker


Large-scale excavator hydraulic breaker is weak, hydraulic breaker is weak, and the working frequency is slow. The reason: breaker pressure relief is also called leakage, which is one of the common failures of excavator hydraulic breaker. Once the hydraulic breaker has pressure relief, it will not be able to build system pressure. It will cause environmental pollution, increase the downtime of hydraulic breakers, reduce productivity, increase production costs, affect production and even produce unpredictable serious consequences. Therefore, the leakage of hydraulic breakers must be controlled.


excavator hydraulic breaker


Regarding pressure relief, there are several situations. The leakage of excavator hydraulic breaker is mainly divided into leakage at the fixed seal and leakage at the moving seal. So why is there a pressure relief?

1. Assembly factor: The excavator hydraulic breaker should be free from barbarous operation during assembly. If excessive force will cause the parts to deform, the parts should be carefully checked before assembling. The parts should be dipped in a little hydraulic oil and gently pressed in. Diesel oil should be used for cleaning, especially the seal ring, dust ring, O-ring, etc. If the rubber components are cleaned with gasoline, they will easily age, lose their original elasticity, and reduce the sealing performance.

2. Part damage: The seal is made of oil-resistant rubber and other materials. After long-term use, aging, cracking, and damage will cause system leakage. If the parts are damaged by collisions during work, the sealing elements will be scratched, causing leakage.

3.Selection of seals: The reliability of excavator hydraulic breaker largely depends on the design of the seal and the choice of seals. Due to the unreasonable selection of the sealing structure in the design, the selection of the seals is not in compliance with the specifications, and the compatibility of hydraulic oil and sealing materials, load conditions, ultimate pressure, working speed, and changes in ambient temperature are not considered in the design. To varying degrees, directly or indirectly cause hydraulic system leakage. In addition, due to the dust and impurities in the operating environment of the excavator hydraulic breaker, a suitable dust-proof seal should be selected in the design to prevent dust and other dirt from entering the system to contaminate the oil and damage the seal, resulting in leakage.

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