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What kind of steel is better for thickening the komatsu excavator bucket?

April 28, 2022

Latest company news about What kind of steel is better for thickening the komatsu excavator bucket?

The quality of the most important parts of the excavator in the working process around the komatsu excavator bucket is the most concerned by all consumers. Excavator buckets are used in large quantities during actual operation, are in contact with other materials, are heavy-bearing, and are frequently active. The materials required must be carefully considered. Excavators are divided into different types of excavators according to different use occasions. Of course, the materials of the buckets of different types of excavators are also different. So what material is used to thicken the komatsu excavator bucket? Now, please study with Huitong Machinery Editor.


komatsu excavator bucket


The standard bucket of the excavator is suitable for some light work occasions, mainly used to dig some construction materials such as earth, sand, and stones. The material of the standard bucket for making excavators is mainly Q345B steel. Q345B type steel has good low temperature performance, good cold stamping performance, good welding performance and machinability, etc. It is a steel with strong comprehensive performance.

The reinforced komatsu excavator bucket is mainly used for the excavation of harder materials, such as some sand and soil mixed with softer stones, and harder soil. The reinforced bucket is the same as the standard bucket, using Q345B steel, but compared to the standard bucket, the reinforced bucket is also somewhat different. The side blade plate and tooth seat plate of the reinforced bucket are thickened to ensure the safety of the bucket during operation.


komatsu excavator bucket


The gravel-type komatsu excavator bucket is mainly used in some heavy-duty occasions, and is used to excavate the gravel and gravel with harder stones. The main steel used in the gravel bucket is Q345B+NM460 steel.

Rock-type buckets are mainly used in some occasions after blasting, for rock excavation, etc. The main steel used for the rock bucket is Q345B+HARDOX500 high temperature resistant steel, which ensures the safety of the bucket during use.

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