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What role does nitrogen play in the digger breaker hammer

March 16, 2023

Latest company news about What role does nitrogen play in the digger breaker hammer

The interior of the accumulator is filled with nitrogen, which uses the digger breaker hammer to store the remaining energy and the energy of the piston recoil during the previous strike, and releases the energy at the same time during the second strike to increase the strike capacity, usually at Install an accumulator when the breaking hammer itself cannot reach the striking energy to increase the striking force of the breaker. Therefore, the general small ones do not have accumulators, and the medium and large ones are equipped with accumulators.


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  1. Be an auxiliary power source

The actuators of some hydraulic systems operate intermittently, and the total working time is very short. Although the actuators of some hydraulic systems are not intermittently operated, their speeds vary greatly within a working cycle (or within a stroke). After the accumulator is installed in this system, a smaller power digger breaker hammer can be used to reduce the power of the main drive, so that the entire hydraulic system is small in size, light in weight and cheap in price.


  1. Be an emergency power source

Some systems require that when the digger breaker hammer breaks down or fails (sudden interruption of oil supply to the actuator), the actuator should continue to complete the necessary actions. For example, the piston rod of a hydraulic cylinder must be retracted into the cylinder for safety reasons. In this case, an accumulator with appropriate capacity is required as an emergency power source.


  1. Supplement leakage and maintain constant pressure

For the system where the actuator does not act for a long time but maintains a constant pressure, the accumulator can be used to compensate the leakage, so that the pressure is constant.


  1. Absorb shock pressure

Due to the sudden reversing of the reversing valve, the sudden stop of the digger breaker hammer, the sudden stop of the movement of the actuator, and even the artificial need for emergency braking of the actuator, etc., the liquid flow in the pipeline will change sharply, resulting in impact pressure ( oil blow). Although there is a safety valve in the system, it is still unavoidable to produce a short-term sharp increase and shock of pressure. This kind of impact pressure often causes the instruments, breaker accessories and sealing devices in the system to fail or even be damaged or the pipeline to rupture. In addition, it will also cause obvious vibration in the system. If an accumulator is installed before the impact source of the hammer foot valve or hydraulic cylinder, the impact can be absorbed and eased.


  1. Absorb pulsation and reduce noise

The pulsating flow rate of the pump will cause pressure pulsation, which will make the movement speed of the actuator uneven, resulting in vibration and noise. An accumulator with sensitive response and small inertia is connected in parallel at the outlet of the pump, which can absorb the pulsation of flow and pressure.


latest company news about What role does nitrogen play in the digger breaker hammer  1


Difference with or without accumulator


With accumulator

In the case of a single blow, the strength will be slightly greater, but in the case of continuous blows, it will not be reflected. The leather cup inside the accumulator will be damaged when the nitrogen gas is low, and it is troublesome to dissect the cup when repairing. The accumulator is a relatively precise device, and there must be no gaps during installation and maintenance, otherwise nitrogen will leak, causing the crusher to strike weakly and the cup damaged.


Without accumulator

Now many digger breaker hammer in the hammer industry are developing towards non-accumulator devices. Brands in Europe, America and Japan have canceled accumulators. Hydraulic breakers without accumulators are an advanced technical performance. HITE’s newly developed and produced non-accumulator application technology theory cancels the original energy storage device. It has simple structure, less failures, convenient maintenance, and lower cost, but the impact energy is not lower than that with energy storage device. On the other hand, eliminating the accumulator and reducing failures also saves costs. Therefore, users can reduce both the cost of use and maintenance.

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