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What should be paid attention to when custom-made excavator buckets

March 21, 2022

Latest company news about What should be paid attention to when custom-made excavator buckets

In today's market, many customized products have begun to appear. They are easy to use and bring more standard use effects to many user needs. The same is true for the custom-made excavator buckets.However, in order to customize them perfectly, experts said that the following three points must be considered when customizing.


custom-made excavator buckets


1. Standard size. We all know that buckets are not a single tool, they are part of excavators, so when customizing them, you must check the requirements of the excavator for their model and determine the standard size, so that you can make custom-made excavator buckets to be better installed on the excavator.


2. This is the case of the material. There are many common steel plate materials for the material of the bucket. No matter which material is used, we have to determine it according to the engineering they need to carry out. If it is just digging sand, then ordinary steel materials are sufficient. If it is more sharp and hard materials, then better and more durable materials are needed. Among the buckets produced by Hongrong, the blade or other parts of the bucket are made of the world's first imported HARDOX wear-resistant steel. This material is strong and wear-resistant, lighter than other equivalent products, and has a longer service life.


custom-made excavator buckets


3. It is the accessories of the bucket, such as bucket teeth, gear seat, bucket shaft, cylinder, whether these materials match the bucket that needs to be customized.

The above three points are what we pay attention to when custom-made excavator buckets. As long as we pay attention to these three points, they will be better integrated with the excavator, so as to better complete the engineering work.

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