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Which aspect of the excavator rock ripper attracts you

September 10, 2021

Latest company news about Which aspect of the excavator rock ripper attracts you

Nowadays, the machinery industry is full of flowers, and there are all kinds of machinery. The most special one is the excavator rock ripper. So in what way do you think the rock arm attracts you? Is it work efficiency? Or other reasons. In fact, the excavator rock ripper, as a new and improved product, has taken a higher level of work performance, which greatly meets people's needs. What are the advantages and performance of this type of device? Here is a detailed introduction to the advantages you have to know about the excavator rock ripper.


excavator rock ripper


With the continuous development of technology, the excavator rock arm has been continuously improved. The solid arm at the rear end is cast with high-strength manganese steel. Not only is there a large number of pit press plates in the arm, but also a mixture of iron sand and cement is added to enhance the The quality, durability and work efficiency of the arm. After adopting this design, the advantages of the new excavator rock ripper are more obvious. With the bucket cylinder, the power will be more sufficient, but everyone will think that the extra cylinder will lack movement and flexibility, and Increase fuel consumption, but in actual work, the rock arm will be more powerful when digging rocks with low hardness due to this structural design, and the operation is more convenient when digging rocks with high hardness.


excavator rock ripper


At the same time, the excavator rock ripper is more convenient to maintain and has a lower failure rate. Not only that, in terms of structure, the boom of the new excavator rock boom no longer adopts a solid structure, but uses a hollow reinforced boom, which not only reduces the load, but also At the same time, the overall performance loss of the excavator is reduced. In terms of the working principle, the crushing capacity is increased through the pressure of its own weight. In other words, the heavier the weight, the stronger the destructive force, so the excavator ripper arm is better in every respect.

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