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Who said that the drunm cutter is inferior to a breaker?

April 17, 2023

Latest company news about Who said that the drunm cutter is inferior to a breaker?

People who are familiar with excavators should be familiar with breaker hammers. Breaker hammers are also called cannon hammers. Its power source is the pressure oil provided by the pump station of excavators or loaders. The gun hammer can adapt to various construction scenarios and is very popular in the market. The drunm cutter, which is also an accessory of the excavator, is inevitably compared. Let’s take a look today, which one is better?



The drunm cutter is also driven by the hydraulic oil circuit of the excavator, and there is a very obvious difference in the shape of the two. The gun hammer uses hydrostatic pressure as power to drive the piston to reciprocate. When the piston strokes, it hits the drill rod at high speed, and the drill rod breaks solids such as ore and concrete. The drunm cutter uses the teeth to break through rocks and soil like sharp claws.


When demolishing the cement pavement, it is often seen that the construction team hammers and beats the cement with a breaker to break the cement. However, such construction has many disadvantages. One is that the knocking sound is loud, which affects the surrounding people, and the other is that the formed cement stones are very large, difficult to transport, and need follow-up treatment.



Advantages of drunm cutter

Using a drunm cutter will save a lot of troubles. The stones milled out by the milling machine are small and can be backfilled directly, and the vibration and noise are low. Even if the construction is in the urban area, it will not affect the lives of residents. Therefore, in such an environment, it is a more appropriate choice to choose a milling machine for road demolition and construction.


In addition, breakers are often used in combination with rock saws, especially in tunneling. Drunm cutter can also be used for tunneling, so what is the difference between the two? How to choose equipment?



Under normal circumstances, if the rocks inside the tunnel are mostly weathered rock, sandstone, sedimentary rock, etc., at this time, it is more efficient to use a milling machine for excavation. However, if a hard face is encountered during tunnel excavation, the role of the milling machine is not so obvious at this time, and even if it is barely used, the efficiency is very low. The advantage of the breaking hammer is revealed at this time.


As usual, breakers are usually combined with rock saws. The hard rock is first cut by the rock saw into a grid shape, and then hammered with a breaking hammer, and the hard rock falls down like a broken one.



It can be seen that the two excavator attachments have their own advantages and suitable working conditions, and no one is more powerful. Only by selecting the appropriate equipment according to the specific construction situation can the construction be more effective with less effort!

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