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Why does the hydraulic hammer need to add nitrogen

March 17, 2023

Latest company news about Why does the hydraulic hammer need to add nitrogen

For the master who drives the excavator and often hits the hydraulic hammer, adding nitrogen to the breaker is an unavoidable job. Regarding how much nitrogen should be added, many excavator masters do not have a clear concept, so today we will discuss how much nitrogen should be added.


latest company news about Why does the hydraulic hammer need to add nitrogen  0


Why add nitrogen to the hydraulic hammer?


To talk about the role of nitrogen in the hydraulic hammer, we have to mention an important part – the accumulator (commonly known as the nitrogen bag). The energy of the recoil of the piston is stored, and the energy is released at the same time during the second strike to increase the strike ability. In short, the role of nitrogen is to amplify the strike energy. Therefore, the amount of nitrogen directly determines the performance of the breaking hammer.



How much nitrogen should be added?


How much nitrogen should be added is a question that many excavator masters are concerned about. The more nitrogen is added, the greater the pressure in the accumulator, and the optimum working pressure of the accumulator will be slightly different according to the specifications and models of the hydraulic hammer and the external weather conditions. Usually the pressure value should be around 1.4-1.6 MPa (approximately equal to 14-16 kg).


What will happen if the nitrogen is missing the hydraulic hammer?


If the addition of nitrogen is insufficient, the pressure in the accumulator will not meet the requirements, which will cause the hydraulic hammer to strike weakly. And it will cause damage to the important component cup in the accumulator. If the leather cup is damaged, it is troublesome to dissect the whole when repairing, and the cost is relatively high. Therefore, be sure to pay attention to adding enough pressure when adding nitrogen.


What will happen to the hydraulic hammer if there is too much nitrogen?


Since the lack of nitrogen will affect the performance of the hydraulic hammer, is it better to add more nitrogen? the answer is negative. If too much nitrogen is added, the pressure in the accumulator is too high, and the hydraulic oil pressure is not enough to push the cylinder rod up to compress the nitrogen, the accumulator will not be able to store energy, and the breaker will not work.


Therefore, adding more or less nitrogen will not make the breaker hammer work normally. When adding nitrogen, you must use a pressure gauge to measure the pressure so that the pressure of the accumulator can be controlled within the normal range, and a little can be operated according to the actual operating conditions. Adjustment, which can not only protect the components, but also achieve good work efficiency.

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