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Why does your excavator ripper arms consume so much fuel

August 24, 2021

Latest company news about Why does your excavator ripper arms consume so much fuel

Today's oil prices continue to rise. With the rise of crude oil, oil products of any label are ushered in a wave of rise, but what should we do in the face of rapidly rising oil prices? Especially excavators, although they only use diesel, their fuel consumption is amazing. If there is not so much fuel consumption, there will not be so much power to support its daily work. In fact, excavators are compared to airplanes. , The machinery of the ship is simply incomparable. Those are the real oil tigers.Such as the excavator ripper arms.


excavator ripper arms


But there are many people whose rock arms of excavators have also experienced soaring fuel consumption. Why is your excavator ripper arms fuel consumption so high? It must be a misoperation. In fact, fuel consumption is related to driving habits, because a good driving habit can save you a lot of fuel. Let’s first understand the daily work of rock booms. Most of them are in mines, rock breakers, etc. In addition, when dealing with the difficult conditions of rock breaking, try to avoid forced rock breaking and try to make use of the gap of the rock to break the rock. This will not only make the work much easier, but also the fuel consumption will not rise significantly, and the temperature during normal work. Try not to turn on the air conditioner when it is not high, because all excavators use large-displacement air conditioners, and turning on the air conditioner will not only affect the power of the excavator ripper arms, but also increase fuel consumption. These are our misoperations.


excavator ripper arms


These are the main points for increasing fuel consumption, so you should choose to open the window when it is cool in the morning, and then choose to turn on the air conditioner in the afternoon when the weather is hot. Another thing to note is that the engine oil of the rock arm should be replaced regularly because of the viscosity of the oil. It is also related to fuel consumption. If you can do the above points, then you can successfully avoid gas tigers, and you will be more fuel-efficient when driving excavator ripper arms.

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